• Sunday 4 June 2023 11.00 - 16.00 Open Atelier!
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Thursday 25 May 9.00 = 11.30 hour*
Monday  12 June 13.00 = 16.30 hour*
Friday 23 June 10.00 = 13.00 hour*
Saturday 1 July 10.00 = 13.00 hour*

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Enjoy painting outside in the nature near the Beach of Kijkduin. Experience is not necessary. In the flow you will be completely absorbed in making your work of art this afternoon outside. What makes this workshop so special is that we are outside, nature gives you inspiration.

You go home with something beautiful and a touchable memory and when you look at it at home, that feeling of timelessness comes back. So we are not just talking about an afternoon of colorful happiness, but about a beautiful experience that will stay with you. Did you know that you get positive energy from the creative process? Making something that doesn't exist yet gives a happy and good feeling. Never painted? Exciting and wonderful to make your first creation, I'll help you on your way, so put on your naughty shoes and come!

What do you need: nothing, I'll take all the painting materials with me
- choose a date (25 May, 12 June, 23 June or 1 July)
- drawing and painting experience not necessary
- this is an exclusive workshop for a minimum of 5 people
- wear comfortable clothing and shoes
a bottle of water
Costs €95 per person per workshop afternoon of 3.5 hours*

*Group discount: bring someone with you. If you register 2 persons 10%, if you register three persons 20%, if you register 4 persons or more 30%.

If you want something different and want to get inspired and go home with a lot of energy, give yourself a spring painting workshop as a gift. Also suitable as a friends day or family day.

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